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Billi Bandanatie dye
The original
Bandana with a Bill
Patented Design
One Size Fits All

Billi's Three Point Bandana
Extra Large
Triangle Bandanas
100% cotton

Billi's Desert Bandana

This Bandana Hat provides Maximum protection from the elements, UV, Sun and Wind

Under Helmet Wear Bandanas
helmet bandanaThe UHW Bandana Hat has been designed for use under a helmet, with a rigid bill and a drawstring, designed for high wind conditions
Billi's Warm Wear Bandana

Made with cotton flannel Plaid, includes a drawstring for more wearing options

All Billi Bandana Headwear Includes a
stash pocketSecret Stash Pocket
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BilliBandana headwear company creates unique headwear inspired by the classic bandana
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Billi's Three-Point Bandanas

These Extra-Large Triangle Bandanas will fit even the biggest noggins, their stylish design and good looks are easy to tie on and offer ample protections from the elements.





Billi Bandana 


The most Portable, Practical and Versatile Headwear Ever Created!

The BilliBandana is a tie-on hat that appeals to people of all walks of life, 
With an evaporative wicking bill, BilliBandana is the perfect headwear for hiking, biking, sailing, tennis, golf, 
gardening, etc... or just relaxing by the pool.
One Size Fits Everyone!


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