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how to tie your bandana
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How to Tie a Bandana
tie dye bandana
how to fold a bandana

Wear the BilliBandana as a Bandana Hat, Sun Visor, Headband, Neckerchief, or Dust Mask, Wear it Wet to cool off.
People are always finding new and exciting uses for their Billi Bandana.
It has even been called
" the Swiss Army Knife of Headwear"

"The Most Portable, Practical and Versatile Headwear Ever Created!"

One Size Fits Everyone!

The Billi Bandana Headwear Company Creates Unique Headwear Inspired by the Classic Bandana
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How to tie-on a BilliBandana as a bandana hat

how to wrap a bandana hat
With the bill of the bandana hat on your forehead, wrap the side tails of the bandana around the back of your head and knot the side tails together
Billi Bandana tied on as a hat
Side View

How to fold a Billi Bandana into a Sun Visor

triangle bandana
First, lie the Billi Bandana on a table
Billi Bandana folding for a sun visor
Next, Fold the bandana up to the bill, then tie it on like a headband
fold a bandana
or, it can be tied
under the hair
Bandana folded into a sun visor
desert Bandana wearing options
desert Bandana wearing options 1 sun protective bandana
desert Bandana wearing options 3
desert Bandana wearing options 2 desert Bandana wearing options 4
Billi's Desert Bandana, designed for maximun coverage.
the Desert Bandana can be worn in a variety of ways.
as shown below
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How to tie-on the Three Point Bandana.extra-large bandana
Tie the long tails
together in the back
Step by Step instructions on how to wear a bandana: